What People Say about Smart Beauty Creative Hair Colouring

Cruelty Free

Tocha AgaI; I found your company few years ago because I was searching for cruelty-free products and I was ordering on line. Recently I found your products at Superdrug and hopefully it will help more people to find out about you. Make sure though that they stock more products. Not everything is available... <fingers crossed>"

DE Customer; Before buying this product I contacted the seller and promptly received a very friendly reply. The well-packed order arrived surprisingly early in Germany, and even included cleansing towels. The colour is perfect! The product is great, easy to use and cheaper than other hair dye products. I would advise everybody to buy SmartBeauty products! No animal testing, brilliant results! Honestly perfect!

PPD free

Lynda Zumba SchererI; I found you about 2 yrs ago as I have PPD allergy . And I always recommend your products ... I find "savers" shop the best of availability and cheap

Colour Boost - Vibrant Red

Caroline Swann;  (...part of facebook conversation...) It’s a great product, using the vibrant red to top up my red tone on my short hair. It lifts the colour back to a nice red shade to split my two tone hair. Great for topping up between permanent colourings. (Live xxl is a permanent colour Stuart, and it like all reds fade quickly, so this kinda product helps keep the colour bright, and can be used frequently with no problems.) *amateur hair stylist and home colouring for over 15 yrs you pick up a few things.*

Pastel -Peach Melba
NDS; Amazon; I have light blonde hair and I used this to make my hair an amber peachy colour that I wanted. It did work. Although the lightest parts of my hair that are white went a bit more pink then peach. Not started to wash it out yet so will update when I know how many washes it comes out in. I like the colour though and would buy again!

Total Blonde
Helly; This is the best bleaching product I have tried, it's easy to use, works quickly and lightens the hair to a very pale blonde. I've been using this for the last few years and never had any problems.

Cadwallader; Lovely colour, well worth money, the good thing about this dye u can make what amount u need, for streaks or all over. 

Catherine Fraser; To whom it may concern, I know that people are often quick to send an email when something is wrong, but I thought I’d do quite the opposite. I am emailing to say how impressed I am with the blonde permanent hair dye product that I used over the weekend.

Not only was it fantastic value for money, it has come out perfectly, when I have had problems with at home hair colouring products in the past.

It has created a perfect colour, which was easy to achieve and I am beyond impressed with the results. I will continue to use this product to lighten my hair and I will be quick to recommend you to others. I am very impressed. Thank you so much,

Mrs G; This product is so easy to use, colour comes out perfect, highly recommend, much cheaper than going to the haidressers

Hair lightener and Platinum toner
J Smeardon; Having been a bleach blonde for years I recently on impulse dyed it dark brown. I hated it. So I bought this having read on the packet that it works on dark dyed hair.
It was fantastic. I needed two packets (my hair is shoulder length) and after an hour my hair was back to blonde. It was a little yellowish but that was soon sorted out when I used the toner included in the pack. I now have my bright blonde hair back.
The condition of my hair is good too, although I do use intense conditioners and look after it.
I would highly recommend this product for going from dark to blonde. Cheap too, which is great.

Sophie; This product is amazing! I had blonde hair and decided - regrettably- to go back to my natural colour - dark brown - and in doing this my hair went a horrible colour. I ordered this and used it. My hair went so much lighter, platinum colour :D Would recommend this to anyone wanting to change their hair dramatically :)

Kaz Robinson; I am not one to ever email somebody about a product I have used (unless to complain which is very rare) but today I used your smart blonde high lift hair lightener with platinum toner.....OMG! My hair is the colour I have been wanting for over a year and after many failed attempts I am very very pleased. I will however use the ash toner next time bescause I would now want a more whiter look. I will certainly advise people who want their hair a good shade to use this product! I do have one little thing to say, may the instructions could be a little easier as I had to read them several times to make sure I was doing it right....but I did and I love it! Thank you!

Dip Dye – Claret Red
Julie; I used this hair colour all over and the result was a gorgeous bright red colour that you don't normally get without bleaching first
I love it, I am brunette and normally use red hair colours that give my hair a dark reddish colour , this smart hair colour wins hands down.

Permanent Natural Black
Amy; This hair dye is one of the best that i have used so far, i would defo use it again it is the exact same colour as it says on the box

Semi-permanent Intense Red
Pinkie; Bought thus colour to add to the platinum and purple already in my hair, colour pay off was awesome, 4 weeks in and my hair is still very very pink, definitely a buy again.

Nicola; This dye is great....lasts at least a week when applied, easy to wash out if spilled and the colour is amazing!

Highlights - Carmine Pink

Ian; Comes with full instructions, applicator/tint brush, packet of developer cream, and packet of powdered dye. Simply mix together in a plastic bowl, apply, leave in for 30 mins, rinse out, and you have lovely pink highlights! It lasted about 2 weeks (I wash my light brown hair every two days and went swimming quite a lot so it might last more, it depends per person) and faded to blonde. It's great because you don't have to bleach before hand, it bleaches while dyeing! It didn't damage my hair one bit!

Emma; This item is fab its a lovely vibrant colour and is so easy to use! u have an applicator brush for easy application i would recommend this product to anyone colour virgins or not :)

Highlights - Intense Red

Donna; I have dark hair so i left this on for an extra 5 mins, results are as the box states a fantastic intense red. The mixture does stain anything that it touches, so it is advisable to wipe off any spills instantly, and to wear old clothes. There was enough mixture, in my opinion, to do a fair amount of highlights. Extremely pleased with this product, wishes it was permanent.Would buy again, soon.

Cat Lover Oh Yeah; Good vibrant colour in one step. Lightens the hair as it colours and the end result is perfect. Washes out very quickly but fades to a really nice pinky colour, I have found that if i shampoo my hair with baby shampoo the colour lasts much longer.

Nadine; Love this hair dye and have used it for years now, it never fails! I have thick dark brown almost black hair and whenever I use this hair dye it goes bright red within minutes. No other product has ever been able to this for my hair and every time I have tried to lighten it, it has gone ginger or burned my scalp. I would recomended this product to anyone with thick dark hair who wants some quick highlights or to straight to go all over red (like i do occasionally).

To do all over red it takes me about 4 packs of this product and then i just top it up occasionally with the semi permanent dye. It has never left my hair dry or straw like either, which I love! its always very soft afterwards as long as you used the correct conditioner etc. I couldn't recommended it enough!

I will continue to buy, great price compared to high street prices!

Customer Care

Toril; Just a quick note to say a huge "Thank You". The second part of the order arrived yesterday with the extra sachets as promised. I really appreciate your gesture and help. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and intend to continue, and also pass on the word about your excellent service and wares.

Harj; I am absolutely staggered by your response. Thank you so so much for the speed and detail of response. I'm very grateful to you.